Thursday, April 18, 2013


Trigger warning: violence, abortion, murder

Since the wide-spread media publication of the Gosnell murder case I've seen posts all over facebook about this horrible man, and this tragic story. Gosnell, performed super late-term illegal abortions by inducing labor and scissoring live babies in the neck...traumatizing and sickening. Most of the posts that I've seen have been from a conservative, pro-life standpoint. They take the adamant stance that this, this is why abortion should be illegal.  

How illogical.  How can a person read this story and not see it as the loudest and clearest advocate for legal, safe and accessible abortion? This man did not kidnap these women, tie them down and perform late-term abortions on them. That doesn't happen here. These women came to him. They came to him out of desperation and terror, out of knowing that their life was changing forever, that they were being further pushed into abject poverty and terribly trapped into a life that many of them were trying to escape. 

If this isn't proof of the necessity of legal abortion, I don't know what is. As long as rape, marital rape, lack of contraception and safe-sex education, systemic gender violence and abject rural and urban poverty exist, thousands of women will always seek abortions. Whether they are legal or not. If agencies like Planned Parenthood and safe, legal and medically-based early-term abortion clinics are shut down, men like Gosnell will spring up everywhere. People whose only motivation is exploitation and acting on some sick, murderous motivation. They will not be an anomaly, they will be routine. We will revert to some horrifying normalcy that thankfully no one younger than my grandmother remembers. 

I am writing nothing here about being pro-choice, about the moral or spiritual reasoning behind abortion  or about the rights of the women involved. I am only observing here the logical leap made in most conservative publications covering this horrible series of events and the logical step as I see it. 

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